About Rapid Methods Europe

The Rapid Methods Europe series is dedicated to innovations and breakthroughs in rapid analysis & diagnostics across the agri-food, plant science, water/environment, human and animal healthcare, and forensic science sectors. The conference series focuses on the technologies rather than the sectors. Technologies include but are not limited to (bio)sensors (electrochemical, optical, photonic), DNA/RNA-based detection methods, paper-based detection methods, microfluidic/nano/quantum devices, spectrometry, and spectroscopy for the detection of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, viruses, chemical contaminants, allergens, antimicrobial resistance, substances of emerging concern, etc.

During the years, the Rapid Methods Europe series has strengthened its position as an important meeting point for academia and industry. Important themes of the series are’ from concept to product ‘and 'from laboratory to on-site testing'. For more information on the previous editions, view HERE.

The objectives of the Rapid Methods Europe series are:

  • to provide a robust platform for innovations and breakthroughs in rapid analysis & diagnostics
  • to bring together scientists with different expertise with the possibility of cross‐fertilizing each other and developing new views and applications.
  • to further strengthen the academia-industry relations
  • to disseminate innovative research towards practical application
  • to provide an opportunity to participants to upgrade their knowledge of the state of the art and the future in rapid analysis & diagnostics


The 16th conference in the Rapid Methods Europe series – RME2025 – takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 27-29 October 2025. The conference will feature:

  • Plenary lectures & parallel sessions
  • Poster sessions
  • Workshops & vendor demonstrations
  • Instrument & manufacturers exhibition

The conference chair – Dr Aart van Amerongen – and the Advisory Board are looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam.


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